Welcome to the World of…

Welcome to the inaugural Vine & hops blog – Wine and Craft Beer Tours blog! This is a place where we discuss all things wine and craft beer, with a special emphasis on what’s going on in our back yard: the lower mainland’s flourishing breweries and vineyards.

First, a bit about ourselves.

Vine & hops is the brainchild of Jayden Grundy and Ashley West. A few years ago, Jayden, a craft beer enthusiast extraordinaire and Ashley, an educated sommelier, had one of those peanut butter and chocolate, brie and pear moments during an especially boozy night. He’s drinking some of the finest beer Vancouver has to offer, and she’s drinking some delicious Fraser Valley Sparkling Pinot, and as they toast their good fortune, they think: This is the gift we can give to the world. And so Vine & hops wine and craft beer tours were conceived.

Since that moment, give or take a few days to buy a van and develop amazing relationships with our local breweries and vineyards, they’ve been at it spreading that hop flavored, wine infused goodness to everyone.

Ashley has since moved on to do charity work in the south pacific, but not before passing on all her grape related expertise to Jayden so he can keep up the good works at Vine & hops. She’ll be back, don’t worry, all her good works will only amplify what she has when she get’s back. Until then, you’re in good hands!

Me you ask? What do I have to do with this tremendous endeavor? Well I’m the writer neighbor who has been seduced by the joyous tastes, rapturous smells, and all round good times that Vine and hops have created.

So sit back, relax, put up your feet. Book a tour to visit some of your favorite breweries or vineyards; or let us curate a tour that is perfect for your group. The siren’s song is too mellifluous to stand by while others have so much fun!