what is a craft beer tour

What is a craft beer tour?

Craft Beer and local breweries have started brewing some of the best-tasting beer in history. A craft beer tour is exactly what it sounds like, a tour to taste craft beer. All across North America tours are being offered for you and friends to hop into a shuttle or bus and explore your city’s craft breweries and taste what they have to offer.

However, what is different about our tours is the experience. Craft Beer is great. Tasting local breweries flavours and being social with a great group of people is just the beginning of the adventure. Our tours can connect you with new friends, reunite you with old, or any combination in between. Visit local breweries and then be escorted to a Vancouver Canadians Baseball game, or maybe head to a location you’ve never heard of before. The experience is more than tasting craft beer, it’s experiencing the culture and embracing what the Vancouver area has to offer. It’s about connecting with your friends, or new friends in a new way, and most importantly, having an amazing time.

A craft beer tour can introduce you to new local flavours, people, and the stories behind them. It’s an opportunity to be a part of an organized event, without having to handle the organization yourself.

From baseball games to road trips, and concerts to events, our craft beer tours are an experience like no other. Contact us today, we’ve love to discuss the opportunity to provide you with an amazing experience.